About Us

We are a machine shop in central Massachusetts with 40+ years of experience in mold making, mold maintenance, and mold repair.

Company Values

  • Humbly Confident. There’s no ego on the shop floor. We welcome the opportunity to use our skills on new and interesting challenges.
  • Proud of Our Work, Proud of Our Trade. We value the mold making industry and take pride in producing quality work for every customer. 
  • Driven to Learn, Driven to Teach. We’re curious about what we don’t yet know, and we make time to share our knowledge with our teammates.
  • Committed to Service. A great experience isn’t just about getting the job done, it’s about making sure the customer feels taken care of every step of the way.
  • Always Improving. Wherever we are today, we strive to be better tomorrow.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Scott Duncan, Owner

When Scott became the owner of F&M Tool and Die in 2018, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of running his own company. Scott uses his background in engineering and business to streamline F&M’s metrics and develop processes that have improved production and customer experience. He’s responsible for managing the company’s larger goals and setting its long term vision and strategy, and he’s proud of the collaboration, engagement, and company culture he’s been able to build at F&M.

“I know exactly who I want to be in the trenches with–the team I work with every single day.”

John Carpenter, Operations Manager

Mark Girard, Engineering Manager

Mark has been a mold design engineer with F&M for almost 30 years. He designs with the entire mold making process in mind, creating designs that are easier to manufacture and execute swiftly. Mark collaborates with customers and the F&M shop floor team to turn each design into a new mold. He sees every project as a unique puzzle waiting to be solved. 

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of solving our customers’ problems.”

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