Injection Molding Services

Let Our Molding Experts Manage the Entire Process for You

Injection molding is often the most cost-effective way to get your plastic parts made. You may not have the experience or time to project manage the molding process yourself. With the upfront investment required for molding, you can’t afford for things to go wrong. You need a complete plastics solution from a company you can trust. Our team of engineers and mold-builders can design, engineer, and manufacture the mold you need.

injection molding services

At F&M Tool and Die, we know molding

Our team has been providing design advice, building molds, and manufacturing plastics for over 40 years. When you partner with us, you’ll get top-quality tooling and injection molded parts. You’ll also get our expert project management services and all the information you need to feel confident that your program is in good hands and under control.

Injection Molding Service

Our comprehensive injection molding services include consulting on part and mold design, mold-making, running your injection-molded parts, coordinating secondary operations, and everything in between. Whether you need a mold for prototyping or to run thousands of custom precision parts, our team is here to take care of the details for you.

Capabilities Include

  • 50 ton IMM up to 400 ton electric and hydraulic (7 IMM)
  • Hi Temperature processing, engineering resins
  • Secondary assemblies, ultrasonic welding, pad printing, packaging

Production Volume Injection Molded Parts

A Complete Plastics Solution for Injection Molding

Our Injection Molding Services Process

Every molding process starts with the mold itself. We use our molding expertise and tooling knowledge to help you run higher quality parts that cost less. Tweaks in the mold can happen and we have the team here to prioritize those tweaks to get you completed molded parts faster with us sampling your mold.

DFM for Injection Molded Parts. We’ll review your design to ensure it can be molded according to your specifications and make suggestions on how to reduce complexity and cost

Mold Design. We’re experts at tooling design and tooling engineering. Our capabilities allow us to design a mold that economically produces the highest-quality parts.

Mold Manufacturing. Every new mold build is assigned to a dedicated mold maker who leads the project through production. Once your mold has been built, we can deliver the mold to your facility or run your injection-molded parts in-house and store the mold for you.

Production-run Injection Molding. We’ll use our tooling knowledge to run your parts for you in-house. Because our molds are designed and manufactured so thoughtfully, we can reduce cycle times and increase speed to make your molded parts faster and more economically.

Mold Maintenance, Repair, and Changes. We can put your mold on a regular maintenance program to ensure optimal performance. Our technicians can also repair or service your mold if needed. If you need to change a logo or need other small updates to your mold, we can make those changes as well. 

Secondary and Finishing Operations. If your injection molded parts need any secondary operations or any finishing, we’ll coordinate all of those services for you. Then we’ll make sure the parts are shipped or delivered safely to your door!

Project Management and Logistical Coordination. We act as a primary point of contact for all injection molding services and interface as part of your team. We can assist you with material selection and sourcing, choosing between updating an existing mold or creating a new one.

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